8 Billionaires Who Dropped Out Of School, to become So rich (College Isn’t For Everyone)

It’s not for everyone: a typical resignation when things do not seem to work. It could be a marriage, a job, a gym membership, or even the color of the salmon. That’s becoming more and more of a trend for higher education.It’s not for everyone.

It was something that really fought with me when I applied to universities. Is the university for me? After accumulating a lot of debts, you have to apply for jobs that do not guarantee your contract. Before someone starts to assert that college is more than a title, it is an experience, I agree.

Most college graduates walk with the opportunity to write some of their greatest attributes on their resumes. They have created some of their best moments with their friends and have built good relationships with their classmates and their teachers.

People often say it’s time to “get together”. This is until you find yourself out of college, entering the real world.

Anyone who has a degree should be proud because it is not an easy task to accomplish, especially for 70% of students who work during their enrollment. College has been a traditional approach for most people, blindly led by the promise of a successful career. However, not everyone decided to take that route. Wherever there is a rule, there is an exception.

These leaders belong to this category to pursue their vision and leave their university degree.
These extraordinary individuals demonstrate that their actions are unprecedented and their leadership has led to remarkable success without a university degree. In short, the university is not for everyone.

1: Bill Gates


Of the world’s 2,043 billionaires, I’m sure there are people who are interested first of all. I guess Bill Gates is the top of that list. After all, he is the richest man in the world to date with a net worth of $86 billion, according to Forbes.

He is known to be the most famous farewell of Harvard University. In 1975, he droped out from high school after attending for two years to found Microsoft. Although he does not regret leaving, he is a defender of the university.

“Although I dropped out of college and got lucky pursuing a career in software, getting a degree is a much surer path to success. College graduates are more likely to find a rewarding job, earn higher income, and even, evidence shows, live healthier lives than if they didn’t have degrees. They also bring training and skills into America’s workforce, helping our economy grow and stay competitive.”

A funny thing: Gates never attended classes in his college days, but preferred to participate in other classes where he was not enrolled. He thought it would be more fun to take charge before the finals for his courses.

“I’m kind of a weird dropout because I take college courses all the time,”
Gates says. “I love being a student.”

Earlier this year, Bill Gates mentioned if he would continue a career today, would be devoted to artificial intelligence, the energy sector or biotechnology. If you feel the need to change careers at any time soon, I think it would be prudent to take his advice.

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