Best Time To Have Sex In The Day- Not What You Expect


The best time to have sex is at 7.30am – around 45 minutes after you wake up, according to new research.Energy levels are at their highest after a good night’s rest which means both sexes have more stamina.The rush of endorphins sparked by sex lowers blood pressure and stress levels and makes us feel more upbeat for the rest of the day.Concentration levels peak around three hours after we have woken up, so it’s best to save the most taxing jobs of the day at work for around 9.45am.Around an hour later, stress levels peak at 10.45am – most typically early in the week when our to-do lists are heaviest, so this is the best time to relax.

The study pinpointed the weak moments when we were most likely to put on weight with a sugar rush.Snack O’clock comes most frequently at 3.30pm, when we are starting to lag at work, and 8.15pm when we are relaxing in front of the TV, so this is the best time to show willpower.Wine O’clock, the best time for an alcoholic drink, is 6.10pm – four hours before we go to bed to maximise the time for liver recovery.The best time for sleep is at 10.10pm – allowing for 20 minutes to get to sleep and 90 minutes of the most restorative non-REM sleep which is most likely to occur prior to midnight.