List of Top 10 Richest and Powerful Pastors In The World right now.


More often than not, the spiritual people can’t make big bucks serving the God’s children but there are pastors in the world who are rejoicing an opulent lifestyle and that’s not an overnight blessing. The gospel ministry is one of the most profitable zones in the world where the painful thunders of taxes don’t fall like the other industries.

The pastors do not have to pay the household expense taxes and if a pastor is popular enough with a myriad of followers, he can definitely make a net worth fortune from the ministry easily. While counting the richest persons on the earth, people consider almost all the industries except the gospel industry.

All the messengers of god are not equally lucky ride luxury cars and reside in a dreamy mansion but there is another side of this scenario – the bright one. Here is the broken down list of the top 10 richest pastors in the world in 2018.

10. Joseph Prince: $5 million

Richest Pastors In The World 2018

Joseph Prince is known for his revolutionary foundation – New Creation Church, which is the biggest church in the whole Asia. The Singapore-based senior pastor was often in the News due to his ‘Extravagant Earnings’. As confessed by the pastor himself in public, his annual earning is around $550,000. His Net Worth is $5 million. Joseph started his career as an IT professional but soon he realized his inclination towards spirituality and helping the human being and he decided to move to the gospel ministry. He has been serving the industry for over two decades. He is the author of three bestselling books – ‘The Power of Right Believing’, ‘Unmerited Favor’ and ‘Destined To Reign’. He is often called by other churches or organizations to motivate other church leaders with his thoughts and experience. Joseph married Windy in 1994.

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