Why do I want this other guy while I still love my boyfriend?!


We’ve been together with my boyfriend for almost three years and we’ve been through a lot together – financial troubles, death in the family, moving abroad…etc. – and we’ve changed a lot for each other.A couple of months ago, my boyfriend said he’s longing to be single again, because he needs freedom, but somehow we managed to overcome the issue, I granted him more freedom, time to go out with his pals, and I’m getting out more as well…the relationship has become much better, although I still sense the emotional chaos in him sometimes…Also, things have turned quite around when I laid eyes on a co-worker, who repaid my affection with interest…Nothing has happened, but there’s such strong sexual tension between us and I can’t stop thinking about him …On the other hand, I am attached to my boyfriend, I love him and I know we fit very well…but still, the spark is missing. I know it’s quite normal in a three years long relationship and we’re probably in the changing stage, but I feel like I’m going to explode soon if nothing will be done…Sometimes I’m thinking about calling the other guy and have passionate, angry sex with him…What should I do ?